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Energy Efficient Conversions:.

Would you like to get paid to upgrade your sign? Electric utility companies throughout the country have programs in place that will compensate you for projects that save energy. In addition, you can save as much as 50-70% on electricity usage every month! Trust the experts at Aim Sign Company to guide you through the upgrade process, and contact us for a free evaluation:

Neon to LED:
Do you have channel letters or outline lighting that uses neon? If you have noticed increased maintenance costs over the years, and would like to save some money on your electric bill, then Aim Sign Company can help. Consider this example showing the energy savings by converting 100 linear feet of neon:

And your electric utility company will likely cover a significant portion of the cost!

Message Centers:
If your business currently operates an older-style incandescent bulb message center, you have an opportunity to save big by upgrading to an LED Message Center. That's exactly what Snake River Yamaha had in mind when they contacted Aim Sign Company to replace their Time/Temp display. After calculating the existing power usage and comparing to a similar size LED message center, we determined an 85% efficiency increase was achievable! Working with Idaho Power, we helped secure a $2,648 incentive payment for Snake River Yamaha that was applied to the upgrade cost.

... AND this upgrade saves over $1,500 a year in utility costs!

Fluorescent Systems:
By continually researching new developments in the lighting industry, we have designed cost-effective solutions for retrofitting existing T12 fluorescent sign lighting with T8. Used in conjunction with Electronic Ballasts, a T8 retrofit uses up to 40% less energy, can last up to 3 times longer, and is just as bright! See table below for example energy savings on a sign cabinet using four(4) fluorescents that are 8' long:

Save $$ with fewer service calls also -- Contact Us to calculate the ROI for your sign!

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